Social Networking: How The Net Tangles Up The Workplace
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April Springs With News

April Announcements, Updates, and Reminders

Blue and yellow balloons with streamersAnnouncements

1. Here We Are was recently featured in an interview and article at the popular Indie Business Blog! A big thank you to Donna Maria Coles Johnson for highlighting the collaboration with Blue Moon Candles. The article is especially important to us because it is written by a woman helping other women in business and life..the essence of Here We Are.

Lisa Kasper and I appreciate the focus on the collaboration, as well as the help to spread the word about these organic wax candles that are the best you can find anywhere!

2. It's our Anniversary!! Here We Are is six months old today! THANK YOU to all our readers, subscribers, and commenters for joining us, we are pleased to have you with us on this journey. We look forward to the next six months and beyond.

3. The Radio Show has launched! It took a while, but we got there and we are on the air...okay, it's the Internet, but nowadays, isn't it the same thing? Check out our first show featuring Christopher Farella, Esq. He fills us in on "Social Networking: How The Net Tangles Up The Workplace." You will hear interesting, surprising, and up to date information about how this new phenomenon is changing the workplace environment.

Note: Radio Show Listeners, thank you for the emails...We are working on the Here We Are theme song transition music for our future shows, including the upcoming September show, "Much To Do About Divorce -- Positioning Yourself Before You Ask or Are Asked!" Our guest will be matrimonial attorney, Judith A. Hartz, Esq., with all the do's and don'ts about this difficult decision.


New This Month: In the upper left hand column, you will find the recently added Digg, Facebook, Twitter, and Technorati icons. Click through the icons and feel free to fan, friend, follow, and favorite Here We Are (you may also see the User Name: Lucimac - you are at the right place, that is the company name). The more the merrier and we will reciprocate the follows, friending, etc.


1. Feeling overwhelmed by all this inter-connectivity on the web?? Be sure to subscribe to Here We Are so you won't miss our upcoming posts on Twitter; e-mail do's and don'ts; and useful text message translations. Bonus: If you use your email address, you will be eligible for our gift giveaways. (Remember: please "verify" the subscription when you receive the email verification notice AND we never sell/share your information.)

2. It's Gift Giveaway Time!!! Our March gift giveaway's recipient is "Rivergirl" of Maine. Thank you for participating in our request for comments by commenting on our Color of Roses entry.

Keep those comments coming and remember to be selected for one of the Here We Are gift giveaways -- you must subscribe by email.



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Luci Weston

@Janine: Thank you for the kind words. We are looking forward to growing and exploring new areas. Keep the comments coming and let us know your thoughts.

Janine N


Congratulations on your 6 months of providing us with great content!!! Good to know others are recognizing it as well. By the look of this update, the next 6 months will be filled with even more great info for everyone! I can't wait!

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