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The Scheduled C-Section "Must Bring" List

A Post by Staci -- The Mom Squad

Silhouette of pregnant mother packing luggage

Don't leave home for your scheduled C-Section without the following items from this list. Even if you aren't planning on a C-Section, you might want to consider assembling these items...just in case! When you are in the hospital, you will be glad you arrived prepared for your new arrival.

Good luck and start packing! 

1. Electronics: Remember your camera, video camera, and cell phone, along with their chargers and batteries. Check with your hospital, many don't allow videotaping of the surgery. Either way, since you and your husband will be preoccupied, put someone in charge of the videotaping and camera to capture the family in the waiting room, then again later in recovery. We were allowed a regular camera in the O.R. and a nurse took some pictures for us. It is great to look back at the video and pictures to see the first hours of your baby's life, which might be hard for you to remember.

2. The Baby Book: Again, you may want to assign this task to someone. In my case, they did the ink prints of the baby's feet when I wasn't in the room because I was still in recovery. My sister asked the nurse to also put the baby's foot prints into our baby book.

3. Mom's Clothing: Think comfy, comfy, comfy! If, on the second day, you can take a shower and change your clothes, you may want to wear something other than that glamorous hospital gown. But think: sore belly! Expandable waists, drawstring or very loose elastic pants are best. Whether it is a new pair of PJ's, a robe, or your favorite maternity outfit, you don't want any pressure on your belly area or below. Plus, the doctor will be visiting frequently to check your incision; the looser the clothing, the easier it is to be examined. 

Remember your feet, too. I wore cotton non-skid socks so I could get in and out of bed without bending for slippers or shoes. They also helped keep my feet warm under the sheets.

4. Massage Ball: Unless you have a massage therapist in the family, this ball will give you lots of relief. I know this may sound crazy, but get this... When you have a C-Section, air can get trapped inside your body and travel to odd places, like your shoulder. When this happens, it causes a lot of pain.

My mother discovered this easy-to-use and effective Massage Roller Ball by Body Back Company  I really liked it because I could use it on myself. Plus, your husband won't complain that his thumbs are getting tired since he just has to rub this ball over the area that is bothering you. Definitely have one of these in your bag!

5. Cord Blood Storage: If you have decided to store your baby's cord blood, then remember to bring your completed paperwork and the provided storage box. We used Cord Blood Registry. They provided colored bands for us to wear in the O.R. as a reminder to tell the doctor we made this decision. After the surgery, the doctor will return the box to a designated family member who then calls the courier to pick up the sample. The whole process was quite easy.

6. Pillows: Do you have a favorite pillow or blanket? How about a pillow for your husband or loved one who may stay with you but have to sit in a chair for hours? Bring whatever will help you sleep, you could be in the hospital for several nights.

7. The Must Call List: Pack a list of the names and phone numbers of the people you need to call. (My sister called friends while my mother called family members.) Also, think about preparing an email address And/Or texting list to update friends and family with your big news.

8. Underwear: Moms-to-be...there is no need to pack underwear. This sounds kooky, but the hospital will give you some very unique underpants to wear after your C-Section. Believe me when I tell you, they are not the sassiest of under garments, but they are designed to avoid sticking to your incision. Very chic!

9. Dad's Clothing: As you pack for yourself, don't forget your husband's wardrobe. Since he will be posing in once-in-a-lifetime pictures, be sure to set aside a specific shirt for him. I bought my husband a new one to wear on delivery day. No matter how terrific a dad or husband he is...Better to take care of this one yourself!

10. Baby's Clothing: Finally, pack a few newborn clothing items and a baby blanket for the trip home to bundle up your new bundle of joy.

Try not to worry, the hospital will take good care of you and your baby. Hint: Do yourself a favor and stay as long as they will let you.

If you are not expecting, send this list to a pregnant friend so she can pack her "must bring" list and greet her new baby a bit more prepared for this wonderful experience.

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Luci Weston

@annette: Thanks for adding the nail file to Staci's list. The more complete it becomes, the more helpful for expectant new Moms!


I would add a nail file or "under the nail" stick. My nails got pretty dirty in the hospital room until the nurse pulled one out of her apron for me. :)


This is a great list! I have never seen one like this before that targets the specific needs of the c-section delivery. I will definitely pass this on to my pregnant friends!


Staci really knows what she is talking about! This is a great checklist, particularly for those who will be having a c-section. Some new moms are unaware of the particular discomforts and needs of a post c-section mother. She makes some very thoughtful and helpful suggestions.


Yes, I had my Burt's Bees lip balm by my side the whole time. Good reminder. Also, I too, had my favorite lotion with me, which came in handy for those foot massages I so needed. The anesthesia can make you a bit puffy.
Thanks for the comment.

Luci Weston

@Bionic Beauty: Those are terrific additions to the "must bring" list! The dry shampoo, lip balm, and lotion items are so obvious, I can't believe they missed our list. That is why you are THE Bionic Beauty! Thank you for sharing with us.

Bionic Beauty

I don't have C section experience, but you should also bring dry shampoo- the spray variety from the drugstore.

Plus a small, firm pillow to press against your abdomen on the drive home. If you hit any bumps, etc, you press that pillow against your tummy and it helps. Trust me. ;)

And lip balm and lotion for the dry hospital air!

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