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UPDATE 2018: Unfortunately, Blue Moon candles are not currently available. If this changes, I will update this article with fresh links.

The "think green" movement is upon us. Everywhere you turn new ways, products, and solutions are sprouting up to make your life greener. At Here We Are, we are always looking for options to follow this path with an eye toward ease, practicality, and applicability. Based on this criteria, Here We Are is excited to introduce our collaboration with Blue Moon Candles to our readers. {Editorial Note: Neither Here We Are, LUCIMAC Productions, nor its staff have a financial stake in this collaboration. The only benefit is to bring our busy readers a product to make their lives better, brighter, and easier, all with the added bonus of a discount!}

There are a plethora of candle options on the market, but do you know what you are buying and then burning in your home? Burning candles may not always be the greenest indulgence, but with a special line-up of Glow Greener candles offered by Blue Moon Candles, you can indulge knowing you've made a more natural choice when you light these "intensely fragrant" beauties.

Let's shine a light on the Here We Are Special Blue Moon Candles:

Blue Moon Candles, Pillar and Glass Container

- 3 flavors scented with Essential Oils (I say "flavors" because they smell so good you will want to eat them - but don't, just light and enjoy the heavenly scent and aromatherapeutic properties!) An unscented option is also available.

  • Mint & Thyme = Alertness, Mental Clarity, Stress Relief
  • Bergamot & Grapefruit = Relieves Anxiety and Stress; Uplifting
  • Sweet Orange & Ginger = Energizing, Warming, Comforting

- Available in your choice of size and shape (see picture):

  • 14 oz. square Recycled Glass container made of all natural Organic Apricot Wax, using a 100% Unbleached Organic Cotton Wick
  • 14 oz. square Drop-in Refill made of natural Palm Wax, using a 100% Unbleached Organic Cotton Wick
  • 3 x 6 inch Pillar made of all natural Organic Soy Wax, using a 100% Organic Hemp Wick

- The glass container candles and refill each have 2 wicks for an even burn. A smart feature that really works!

- Every candle is hand-poured per order. As part of the Here We Are collaboration, your candles will also include Aventurine stones added to each candle (while supplies last). We chose this stone for its power to bring good fortune; a little help in this current economic climate is a good thing!

At the bottom of each candle, you will find the three stones. After the candle burns away, put the green polished stones into your purse or left pocket to enhance your good luck. The number of stones follows the Feng Shui belief that the number three means "abundance and success," while representing the triads of "sun, moon, stars" and "water, fire, wind."

- Every candle arrives decorated with a ribbon, beautifully packaged in a labeled black gift box with tissue paper, both made from recycled material. Each order includes a "how to" sheet of handy tips to maximize usage.

- No paraffin

- No phthalate laced fragrance oils

- No lead or metals of any kind in the wicks

- Little to no soot residue

- No colorants; any color is from the wax and essential oils

- No additives to enhance burning time

Unlike store bought candles, at Blue Moon, this woman owned business provides excellent customer service. Lisa Kasper, the owner, is passionate about her products and your satisfaction. Due to her daughter's sensitivities, Lisa is committed to developing and offering better alternatives for her own family and those of her customers.

Blue Moon Candles was established serendipitously! In an unfulfilled search to find black gardenia candles, Lisa stumbled upon a candle shop run by beekeepers who offered to teach her candle-making. This experience combined with Lisa's love of candles fueled by fond memories of her grandmother's house, her favorite color, and an attraction to moonlight launched Blue Moon Candles. Lisa can create Organic wax candles in any scent, color and style that her customers choose. The personal touch, customer service, and easy special orders make Blue Moon a company that shines brightly now and many moons from now.

As part of this collaboration, Lisa has worked hard to offer Here We Are readers a special discount for these select candles. The following Here We Are pricing includes tax, plus Lisa is offering a super-saver flat-rate shipping fee of $7.00/order:

  • Scented: Pillar/Container Candle = $12.95 ea. (Regular Retail Price = $15.95)
  • Scented: Drop-in Candle = $9.95 ea. (Regular Retail Price = $13.00)
  • Unscented: Pillar/Container/Drop-in = $9.95 ea.  (Regular Retail Price = $13.00)

It is exciting to finally introduce you to such a lovely product line as natural as you will find anywhere. Next time you light a candle, be sure to surround yourself with the luxurious, affordable, and naturally intense aroma and light of a Blue Moon Candle.

{Product Review Disclaimer: This is NOT a paid review. No consideration of any kind was offered to or received by Lucimac Productions, the parent company of HWA.}

We hope you enjoyed this content brought to you by Better Brighter Easier - Creator of ROOMIGATOR®️ The Natural Neutralizer.

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Luci Weston

@Suzyblujeanz: WOW! That is a "glowing" review!! Thank you so much for following up and telling the other HWA readers about your experience with Blue Moon Candles.

I will be sure to let Lisa Kasper, Blue Moon's owner, know how pleased you are with her product.

@HWA Readers: Remember, this offer expires on May 31, so put your order in now and get your candles for summer nights on the deck.


I am back to report on my purchase of the Sweet Orange & Ginger Candle from Blue Moon Candles.

This candle is AWESOME! The shipment arrived within a week from when it was ordered. The delicate personal touches of the packaging added to the whole experience. When I opened the box the waft of scent was invigorating. Now for the real test...I have an open living room/dining room/kitchen arrangement in my condo and when the candle is burning the scent fills every corner of these rooms. It is fantastic! I am halfway through the candle and each time it burns the scent is as strong as it was the first time. Blue Moon Candles advertises that their candles are “Intensely Fragrant...” and that is no joke! When I merely walk by the candle, not burning, I catch the scent. If you are looking for fragrance, look no further. I am very pleased with my purchase and will order from Blue Moon Candles again. These candles embody the best of all worlds; they are a quality product at a reasonable cost and better for you and your environment. I would encourage anyone who is on the fence about buying this product to take the will not be disappointed.

Janine N

The scents sound wonderful! I love the way you bring this together with the feng shui concepts!

Luci Weston

That is great! Thank you sharing this information--I was especially disturbed when I learned about paraffin wax! Please do let us know your thoughts on the Sweet Orange & Ginger candle. I am sure you will be happy with it. I still can't decide which is my favorite.


OK...I just placed my order with Blue Moon Candles. There are a couple of reasons why I chose to order from Blue Moon. First, these candles are environmentally friendly. I had been thinking about “going green" with my candles and knew the time had arrived when Luci’s blog crossed my path. I believe that the little steps we take to help our mother earth will collectively add up to big changes. Then there is the issue of quality. These candles are made with essential oils. How many of us have purchased candles tantalized by the name on the label promising fresh meadows or sea breezes? Alas, we get our candles home, rip off the packaging and light it up only to find that, after two hours of burning, you need to stand on top of the candle in order to catch any scent. Not to worry, essential oil candles will permeate the room. I also like the fact that I am supporting a female-owned small business.

Luci, thank you for showcasing Blue Moon Candles in your blog. I am looking forward to receiving my Sweet Orange & Ginger Candle. After I receive and burn my candle, I will post a follow-up to share my experience and impressions with everyone.

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