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The Color of Roses... Sending The Right Meaning

Roses of many colors at flower market

While so many types of roses exist, when it comes to sending a message with flowers, nothing speaks louder than the color of a rose.

Here is a bouquet full of color information to help you convey the right meaning this month or any time throughout the year:

White Roses = Innocence, Purity, Secrecy, Reverence, Silence; Bridal White conveys "Happy Love"

Cream Roses = Charm (this is also represented by White), Graciousness, Thoughtfulness

Yellow Roses = Friendship, Freedom, Joy; "Welcome Back" & "I Care"

Orange Roses = Admiration, Desire, Enthusiasm, Fascination; when combined with Yellow Roses, they mean "Passionate Thoughts"

Pink Roses = Appreciation, Admiration, Gratitude, Happiness, Thankfulness

Lavender Roses = "Love at first sight," Enchantment

Red Roses = Courage & Respect, Love, Passion, Beauty; All Red Roses mean "I love you"; when combined with YellowRoses, they = "Congratulations"...but mix Red with White and you signify "Unity."

Do you know what you want to say to someone this season? Perhaps your friend, colleague, or elderly neighbor would delight in receiving a bunch of these beauties. Knowing the meaning of a rose color clarifies your message beyond the simple gesture of giving a lovely gift. Much happiness and love to you and yours! ~ Luci


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