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Announcement: Here We Are was selected for inclusion in the January 31 issue of Blogger's Best Carnival, edited and compiled by Karen of WriteFromKaren. The Carnival includes topics on "Life, Love, Children, Writing, Family" and more, by bloggers from all over the blog-o-sphere. We are pleased that the entry, inspired by two-year old Angelina's quote, Not Today, will be shared with many more readers. Thank You to Karen and Angelina!

Reminder: Last month, we celebrated our first blogging anniversary. To thank our readers, we instituted our "Great Gift Giveaway," for the readers who are also subscribers. If you are already subscribed by email, do nothing; if not, please subscribe by email and read our Policy. We will be having another Giveaway later this month. REMEMBER: You must verify your subscription (the verification email arrives in your email box -- click the link) to receive updates of Here We Are and to be included for a chance in our giveaways. [Not to worry, we never sell or share your email address.]

Update: We love your comments! Please keep them coming. In March we will be rewarding our commenters by doing a random Gift Giveaway to one of our subscribers who comments in February. Not sure what to say? Helpful comments add to the conversation, share a story, or give a tip...also, check out our Participation Request.

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Janine N

Hey Luci!

I have finally found the time to catch up on your posts. This is great news that others are finding out how good this blog is (although I am not surprised). Keep up the good work!

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