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Dear Here We Are Readers:

Recently, a charity drive for the Children's Heart Surgery Fund in the UK came to my attention. The drive is organized by Chris Garrett, a blogging authority whose guidance is  one of the reasons Here We Are exists. It pains me to think of any kid being sick, so when I learned of Chris' effort I decided to pitch in to help a good cause.

I discovered it is a worthy organization that "funds valuable equipment, resources and research for the treatment of children with heart defects and provides a happy and relaxed atmosphere within the hospital for both the children and their families."  The goal of this fund drive is 10,000GBP (British Pound Sterling).


With the economy tanking, "donation fatigue," and people losing jobs, homes, and hope, I pondered why it is important to help this fund drive. I began thinking about women with sick children. The nameless, faceless mothers, sisters, aunts, grandmothers of sick babies, toddlers, and teens. As you know by now, Here We Are is written by women for women with an emphasis on making women's lives better, brighter, and easier as we move forward in running the world. Think of the rewards and positive effect women would have on the current state of affairs around the world if we, as a force, could be making the important decisions. Thinking big and taking action will get us there one day soon. In the meantime, helping and supporting each other every day in different ways will move this process along.

This month, a donation will be made to Chris' Fund Drive in lieu of our February Gift Giveaway. While we do not ask our readers for money on Here We Are, we do ask that you will consider donating a small amount if you can to this drive. Every Dollar, Pound, or Euro lends hope to a woman who has worry in her gut and a tear in her eye for her ailing child.

It is easy to donate. Justgiving, the donation service hosting the drive, takes credit cards or PayPal. They take care of the conversion rate (click link to figure out the $ amount you wish to give; NOTE: you must pay in Pounds and there is a 2 Pound minimum. For example, 2-GBP will cost you approx. $2.85US). PLUS: As explained in this cute video, a bit of extra money is added by the British government to certain donations.
Justgiving Fees - Explained in Video! from Justgiving on Vimeo.

As February, the month of the heart, comes to a close, I hope you will consider reaching out to another woman in the world to help her child's heart become healthier pound by pound.

Thank you so much!


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Ching Ya

The pleasure is all mine. Thanks for the link love. It's a good effort, I sincerely hope more would take part in it too.

Luci Weston

@Ching Ya:

Thank you for following up this entry with your own terrific post! You are so right, "A little bit from everyone means a big deal to this fund."


So happy you joined me in getting the message out!!

Ching Ya

Thanks Luci for a thoughtful post. It's an awareness that we should take into consideration of. I'll be supporting your effort by creating a post about this charity as well, hopefully more people could be benefit from this good cause. Well done. Bless you,dear.

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