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Dry Green With Blue Balls

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BlueBalls Have you seen these prickly blue balls at the store? For months I walked by them without picking up a package. A few months ago, after seeing an ad touting their energy savings benefit, I asked the shop clerk, "Ray, do you have those blue balls?" It was out of my mouth before I realized how it sounded as a red-faced Ray choked out, "Aisle 1." Sticky situation aside, it is turning out to be a well spent $8.99. While dryer balls may not seem very exciting, it is satisfying to know that I am saving energy, time, and maybe my health.

The only steps necessary are getting them out of the plastic, a bit of a chore, and throwing them into your dryer. During a drying cycle, the dryer balls bounce around to lift and separate the laundry. This action allows the heated air to flow more evenly throughout the laundry. This saves energy and time. Since I began my non-scientific experiment, the drying time in my gas dryer has decreased when drying a full (but not overstuffed) load of towels.

Bonus: You can hear them bouncing around, it is muffled and unobtrusive, but the sound works like a reminder to check the laundry before the buzzer goes off. I have been surprised a number of times to find the laundry already dry halfway through the set drying time. Plus: Towels appear "fluffier."

One of the claims made about this type of product (there are several brands on the market making balls in different colors) is that it aids in eliminating static electricity. This is important because you may be able to stop using dryer sheets. After reading several articles on the potential problems related to dryer sheets, I am glad to report that the dryer balls do seem to do the trick in this department. If you don't know what some of the issues are regarding dryer sheets, then check out articles by Dr. Alan Greene.

No matter what color your dryer balls may be, they will stay green in your dryer!


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