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Happy Valentine's Day

Crafts For Valentine's Day...Sweets Served Up Without The Sugar

Kid Friendly, Fun Valentine's Day Craft Ideas --

A Post From Staci, The Mom Squad

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Here are a few easy gift projects to make this Valentine's Day. If you try to keep your little ones away from too much candy and sweets, then these ideas are for you! All are fun and sugar free!

1. Bookmarks: You can take your favorite photo, quote, drawing or any image your child likes. Line up your photos or sayings vertically to print, then laminate. If you don't have any laminating paper at home, an office supply store can do it for you. I go to the local UPS store to use their laminating machine. Just punch a hole in the top and slip a ribbon though it, tie a bow and you are done. Great gift for older kids or relatives who like to read. 

2. Coupons: Homemade, handdrawn coupons are a cute, thoughtful idea; even for the kids to exchange with each other. It can read, "Dear Billy, This coupon is good for a fun play date at the park with me, Jack!" Or for Dad, "Exchange this coupon for a bear hug throughout the month of February!"

3. Friendship Box: Kids can go wild with imagination on this one...It all starts with a small craft box covered in Valentine's paper. Decorate the box by gluing on ribbons, buttons, marbles, etc. Put fun stuff inside like a sweet poem from the child, stickers, crayons, small bottles of bubbles, or costume jewelry. My two year old, Elle, is into necklaces, bracelets, and rings of all colors.

4. Valentine Card: Homemade cards are the best. I like to include a photo of the person in the picture with my child. Use a folded piece of construction paper, cut the picture into a heart and past it on the front flap, then use puff paint to line around the picture. No puff paint? Then try Elmer's Glue and sprinkle on sparkles, let dry and shake off excess. Next, add Valentine stickers to decorate the inside and markers to brightly write your message. These are the cards that are kept forever.

5. Hand Print Hanging: Put some water based paint (craft paints are good for this project) onto a paper plate. Gently dip your child's hand into the paint and transfer his or her palm print onto a piece of construction paper. Let dry. Write their name and age under each hand print, decorate around the handprint, add your message or saying, trim down to size if necessary, add a hole punch at the top and loop some yarn or a ribbon to hang. Voila! A moment in time saved forever.

6. Salt Dough Trinket: This lets your little one become a sculptor! There are numerous recipes available online for salt dough. Shape the dough into a heart, after baking, let cool, glue a magnet to the back for use on the fridge. Maybe write, "love," or grandma's name by rolling out letters with the dough and connecting them to each other, make a loop at the end for a ribbon. Give it as a key chain for that sidedoor key that is always getting misplaced! How thoughtful!

I hope these sweet craft ideas for Valentine's Day help you and your kids enjoy making fun treats for the people they one who makes or gets them will ever miss the sugar!

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