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An Anniversary Epiphany

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As you know, today is January 6, and for many it brings the end of the traditional Christmas season known as the Epiphany. But did you also know that it is Women’s Little Christmas? A very fun and interesting tradition started in Ireland. On this day, the men take over the housework so that the women can enjoy a day off! While this sounds great in theory, I am not sure if what women find when they return home is better or worse than when they left! [Sorry male readers, but the women know exactly what I mean.]

So why is the picture for this post of three frosted cream puffs? Today is also the three-month anniversary of Here We Are!! With so much to celebrate this day, we have decided to show our blog readers how much you are appreciated by instituting a monthly gift giveaway treat. While the treats may not be of the sugar persuasion, we hope they will be a sweet surprise for the lucky blog subscriber(s).

Here We Are is only three months old and we are off to a great start! This post comes with a big THANK YOU to all of our readers and subscribers. Please take a minute to read the page dedicated to how the giveaways work. No purchase is necessary but you do need to subscribe to the blog. If you are subscribed, then you are already included. If you haven’t yet subscribed, then please do so to be included for our next giveaway.

In honor of our three-month blogging anniversary, instead of frosted cream puffs, three of our subscribers will each get a new copy of Simple Abundance. Staci, lead contributor for The Mom Squad, and I are very grateful for all of the support, comments, and good will you have given us over the past three-months. Thank you and we look forward to sharing 2009 with you!

Remember, you don’t need to do anything but read the gift giveaway policy; we will contact you if you are one of the three recipients.

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Luci Weston

...and our third Gift Recipient is Sharon, in Greenwood Village, Colorado! Congrats to our three Anniversary Epiphany subscribers!

Luci Weston

Ahh, contrasting situations between Donna and Janine. I'd like to hear more from other readers about this...Does your significant other pitch in on the household duties?

We know who 2 of our Gift Recipients are:

Congratulations to Tricia, in Clark, NJ;

and Lyn, in Lake Worth, FL.

Still waiting on the 3rd subscriber to answer the email...Will keep you all posted!

Janine N

Wow, Donna is so lucky. Wonder if her husband has an available brother that I can trade my husband in for?

Simple Abundance is a great book. I first saw it on Oprah a while back.

Congratulations on your 3-month anniversary!!! I look forward to your updates.

Account Deleted

Hey Luci!

Here I am! HA! Like saying that. I had never heard of the Little Christmas so thanks for enlightening me. I am blessed to be married to a guy who shares a lot of the housework with me all year long! He's good at many things like laundry, dish washing and more. Little Christmas is nice but I need him to pitch in every day!! Thanks for a great post. dM

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