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Holiday Haste Makes Waste…Luci’s Blog Lesson

A Message to the Readers of Here We Are...

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In holiday haste to get things done yesterday, I learned a valuable blog lesson. While I was attempting to improve this site, I ended up causing more problems. After applying my not-so-nifty-HTML-handiwork, you may have discovered that the Feed in your email or reader box was a dead link; and, if you already visited Here We Are, you might have clicked on a couple of broken links to the recent eyeliner entry.

I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience or waste of time this may have caused you. The silver lining of this Internet cloud (be warned, this entry is full of clichés and could even get a bit sappy) is that I learned how much I care about your experience on Here We Are.

You, the reader, are the most important part of this entire endeavor. Without the readers, subscribers, commenters, and support of our current and future contributors, there would be no reason for the “we” in Here We Are. This is a blog by women, for women, helping each other from one busy day to the next. Your time is important and every minute you spend with us is greatly appreciated. We want you to enjoy visiting and become a part of it. 

During the last frustrating twenty-four hours of failed attempts to fix the glitches, things my grandmother always said kept resonating. She was a strong, intelligent, no-nonsense woman with whom I had a wonderful relationship.

If you’ll indulge me, I'd like to share them with you:

Always mind your P’s and Q’s. [Especially now when it comes to HTML…so, a professional programmer will be fixing the glitches soon.]

When you feel frustrated, stop and wash your face. [I don’t know why, but this does work to make you feel better…although it is much easier to do in the middle of the day when you are an eight year old.]

Count the steps of a project before you start, and figure out what you don’t know. [How clear and simple is that?]

A stitch in time saves nine. [We’ve all heard this one…so true.]

Always say “thank you.” [Thank you, Grandma...and Thank You, Readers. –- All The Best, Luci]

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Luci Weston

Thanks for the support. I think the issues have been fixed, keeping my fingers crossed!

Janine N

We appreciate your dedication to providing your readers with a great blog - you have succeeded! Please keep it up and don't worry about small glitches. They can and will get fixed.

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