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Eyeliner with brush and mascara
What do Angelina Jolie, Kimora Lee Simmons, and Diane Sawyer all have in common at a holiday party? Eyeliner! Yep…look at any picture of them attending a party and you will see with your own two eyes that theirs are lined to perfection. Granted, a makeup artist has done the handiwork, but you can do it yourself and get the same look. It’s the easiest way to glam up for a party, and unlike lipstick, you don’t have to reapply it to keep the effect going all night long!

Some of you are with me on this topic and have seen the benefit close-up. I hope these suggestions help perfect your technique. But if you are an eyeliner skeptic, I urge you to take a look at these tips and give it a try. Who knows? You might find it is a real eye-opener! Wink! Wink! (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.)

Here are a few pointers on adding eyeliner to your makeup bag & on your eyelids:

  • Everyone’s eyes look better with a little liner. Mascara can’t do the job of defining the eyes alone. Think of these two as a pair that are okay by themselves, but work best as a team…like your eyes. BONUS: Your eyes are what people notice in person and in pictures, eyeliner is an easy way emphasize them.
  • Now is the time of year to try it. If you are afraid of looking too made up, a holiday or New Year’s Eve party is a terrific opportunity to try something new. You still have some time to practice; like anything else, don’t try it before a big event without a test run. TIP: Practice on your eyes [not the back of your hand] every night before you wash your face. Apply a different technique on each eye so you can compare what you like better. Is it a thin line? Thicker? Doe-eye corners? Top and bottom lids? Or just the top? It won’t matter if you overdo it, because you are going to wash it right off anyway.
  • Black eyeliner never goes out of style with the correct application. BUT if it reminds you of your Aunt Margie’s 1973 prom picture, then try a brown, but always use black mascara. Also, unless you are thirteen, no blue, green, or purple liners allowed; these went out with Aunt Margie’s sparkly, powdered eyeshadow in aqua frost.
  • When shopping, you will find two types to choose: a pencil/crayon type or a liquid liner. If you have a steady hand and will the take time to practice, go ahead and try a liquid. The only success I have had with a liquid I owe to a makeup artist, so I prefer a pencil type. TIP: Avoid “waterproof” eyeliners (and mascara); they are difficult to remove during an application mistake and at the end of the day.
    • Having tried most brands (from high-end to drugstore chain), I like the Almay Eyeliner best overall…long lasting, great price point, easy to use, easy to carry, and it even has a hidden sharpener.
  • TIP: After lining, use a small brush to even and smooth it out. You can also use the brush to apply loose translucent powder over the liner…yes, over the liner. This sets it and adds staying power for extra long coverage; great if it is hot outside. After powdering, take the small brush and lightly run it over the liner again to remove any loose powder.
  • You will need an eye-makeup remover to gently remove any brand or type of liner. I recommend the Almay Non-Oily Pre-moistened Makeup Remover pads. BONUS: No spill, so they travel easily; no cotton to get stuck on your eyelashes; plus, they are helpful if you make a mistake when applying.
Naked eyelids everywhere deserve some liner-love…start practicing, improving, and experimenting tonight. Do you have a makeup tip to share? Tell us so we can apply it this Holiday season. Have fun and be fabulous!

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