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Does your butter come out of the fridge looking unappetizing? Are you tired of cold, hard butter that refuses to spread on your nice warm bagel? In many cases, there is no substitute for the real thing, and butter is one example where this is true. Yes, you can buy “spreads” that stay soft no matter how cold it is or how long it has been on the store shelf. Nothing compares to rich, creamy, soft spreadable butter on a hot slice of toast or a stack of pancakes. Mmmmm. Unfortunately, there are those calories to consider, but a big tablespoon of the fake stuff can’t compare to a small pat of the real thing. If you agree, then a butter keeper may be just the answer to brighten up your breakfast.

I first encountered this item in France when along with breakfast, an odd looking ceramic container was placed on the table. What a nice surprise to pick it up and find the soft, room temperature butter cradled in a cool water bath. I asked le garçon about this nouveau beurre crock. Turns out, prior to refrigeration, it was the old way of keeping butter fresh.

To use, fill the lid with a stick of softened butter, and then place the lid upside-down into the base containing cold water. The water makes an airtight seal keeping the butter fresh for up to a month while it sits out on your kitchen counter. It really works, but note, the water should be changed every three days or so. I put the crock into the dishwasher between butter refills; this makes it simple to clean.

Whatever you call it, a Butter Keeper, a Bell, a Crock, or a Pot…Treat yourself to one. With the holidays closing in, this may also work nicely as a reasonably priced, unique hostess gift. Most cost between $10 and $32 (without shipping). See some options below for gift ideas. 

BONUS: If you bake a lot, and need room temperature butter, you can have a full stick ready to go. It's even great if you like to make butter shapes, or try my recipe for Cranberry Butter, it's delicious and sweet!

Once you use one of these in your kitchen, you will always enjoy spreading a little ready-to-use soft butter in the morning. Gone are the days of cold, uncooperative sticks of butter, this is definitely a better way to butter up your toast. Bon Appétit!



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Luci Weston

In the pantry? Oh boy, that doesn't sound very safe. I don't blame you for not using it, I would have asked for jam!


My sister-in-law kept her butter in the pantry and I would not use it. This definitely works for me.

Luci Weston

Perfect! You won't be disappointed with a butter keeper, it will be ready for you in the morning! Not sure about using it for margarine since it is already soft--it may become too soft and melt, no? Might get messy. Thx for commenting and enjoy!

Luci Weston

Well Miguel, you are our first official male commenter! Thank you very much! How nice of you to drop by, you are welcome to stop back anytime. And thank you for the well wishes!

Miguel Wickert


Hi, I'm not a woman but that doesn't mean I shouldn't stop by to say hello and to see how your new site is coming along. :) All the best and continued success.


Ching Ya

That's fabulous. I love butter! At times I need to skip it for breakfast/teabreak, just because I forgot to take it out of the fridge earlier. I guess it'll work well with margarine too. Worth a try.

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