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This entry was scheduled for December 31. But it is only Dec. 2, so why am I posting it today? I even bumped an eyeliner review! Sometimes things just can’t wait. When I wrote the original entry, I figured that the last day of the year was a good day to remind the busy readers of Here We Are, and myself, to reach out to our female friends. It can be as simple as saying Hello or Thank You or I Miss You. A message that tells your friend she is important in your life.

The passage of time, distant miles, work, or busy lifestyles can make you too tired or distracted to pick up the phone or write a note. You know what I mean, you intend to call, then a week goes by, then a month, and before you know it, a year has passed and you can’t believe your day planner!

But something happened this afternoon that made me realize today was the day for me to share this lesson. The message can arrive in an obvious or obscure way. It is what we do with the message and how we respond that counts.

For me the message arrived as a Google Alert delivered to my email. My childhood friend, Juli, wrote about Here We Are to help it begin rockin’ and rollin’ into the blog-o-sphere. Thank you for the shameless plug; but more importantly, thank you for reminding me of the bond we share as lifelong friends. While the miles may separate us and sometimes years have passed with little contact, today you illuminated the importance of maintaining and appreciating our female friends.

This message reminds me again that it is never too late to reach out, reestablish, and reconnect to those with whom we have a bond. The end of a year, on the precipice of a new one, offers a chance to close chapters and start a new page. While it may only be December 2, I urge you to do what Juli did for me, remind a friend what she means to you. So today, I urge you to reconnect with your BFF, using RSS on a blog post, email, text message, cell phone, or the old-fashioned handwritten note, and say Hello or Thank You or I Miss You.

[Hello Juli, thank you for your support and friendship, and I do miss you. -- Luci.]

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Glad to help get the ball rolling.
I miss you too.
And remember...
We may be far away in miles...
But you'll always be close to my heart.

Luci Weston

@April: Good for you! I hope the other readers will follow your lead and do the same thing. I just joined Facebook and Twitter...more on that to come (after I figure it all out!).


So true. I just joined a popular online social site and found some old friends. It feels so good to reconnect. Thanks for the reminder!

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