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Since launching Here We Are, I have been asked the same questions about subscribing to the blog. How do I subscribe? What the heck is a “feed”? What does that orange RSS box do? Is it free? What happens after that? Now if you know about this stuff, great, but if you don’t, I hope this post will clear things up.

Try to think of a blog as a living, breathing website that requires regularly posted entries to attract readers and crawl its way through the search engines. Here We Are has to let its busy readers know when new information is available. It takes time to keep checking in at the site for updates, so subscribing helps save time and energy.

You can retrieve new entries through your email inbox or in a feedreader. Again, either way is free, simple to sign up, and you are only contacted when there is a new entry—we won’t pester you, I promise. By the way, we never sell or share our email list. The subscription links are located in the upper right hand column of this site, just under the Google Search box. When you subscribe by email you will be asked to enter a Captcha so we know you are a live person and not a spambot; then, just verify the subscription, and you are done! Easy as pie, or coconut macaroons…be sure to look for my upcoming holiday recipe for the fastest, tastiest ones ever!  

As for explaining the feedreader, I will leave that to the geniuses, Lee and Sachi, of Common Craft who do what they do so well.  Enjoy the video, and please join us in the Blog-o-sphere by email or feed, thank you. -- Luci


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Luci Weston

@janet: Great! Lee & Sachi at Common Craft do terrific work and I appreciate the opportunity to share it on Here We Are.


Luci - this was extremely helpful. Thanks!

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