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Are you pulling out flatware, platters or candlesticks for your holiday entertaining only to find them tarnished and dull?  The last thing anyone wants to do is polish silver before cleaning the house, shopping, throwing a party, or cooking a multi-course dinner.  Cape Cod Metal Polishing Cloths gives you back your shine without using up too much time.

Last year as the holidays approached, I found myself staring at the many bottles and jars of silver polish offered at a local housewares store.  Each one promised to make your flatware shine and sparkle but when I tested the scent using the sneak-a-sniff-in-the-store test, my head started spinning.  It was bad enough that I had to polish sixty-plus pieces of my mother's wedding set but the chemical stench was enough to knock me out.  So, on my way I went with an empty hand basket. I must confess that even though I wanted to use the flatware, I was secretly relieved to avoid dealing with the timing consuming chore of polishing silver.

This spring, I saw an ad in the New York Times Magazine from the Cape Cod Polish Company.  The testimonial, by a woman who looks like my Aunt Connie sold me, it touted, "...a civilized way to polish my silver."  Since the flatware was tarnishing with each passing day it went unused, I ordered a can. (You can order them directly through the website, or through other vendors, including Amazon.com.) To my surprise, the polishing cloths work and the bonus is that they smell like vanilla...really!

There are twelve cloths in a set and I only used two to do the entire job, so they are very effective. The tin comes complete with plastic gloves and a buffing cloth.  Depending on the amount of tarnish, the product works fast.  You see the results as soon as you use the buffing cloth to remove the polish.  I washed all the pieces afterward and buffed them again with a clean cotton dishcloth to a beautiful shine.

Cape Cod Polishing Cloths and a little elbow grease makes a winning combination to save you time, energy, and a headache.  So enjoy entertaining this holiday season knowing you found an easier, faster, and more pleasant way to get your shine on!


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Luci Weston

Thanks J! Yesterday, I actually polished about 50 pieces of flatware in 20 minutes! Used the cloths, buffed them, washed them by hand and dried them with a cotton dishtowel. Done!

Janine N

Based on your review, I tried the product for myself. You are absolutely right - it was easier than the "old fashioned" way of doing it and it was definitely quicker.

Thanks again for the review and keep them coming!!

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