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A Bulletin From Staci...Calling All Busy Moms To Be On The Lookout For THE MOM SQUAD

Hi, I'm Staci,Stacitoonpolaroidpurple  the lead contributor for The "Mom" Squad section on Here We Are.  I am a mother of a 2-year-old girl, Elle, and we are expecting our second daughter in November.  Between work, home and raising Elle, I understand the daily work and the amount of energy it takes to keep it all running smoothly.  Some days, as you probably know, things can become completely hectic when you least expect it!  I continue to learn new things everyday to minimize those nerve-wrecking times and I am anxious to share them with you. 

I invite you to watch for my upcoming "Mom" Squad product reviews and sanity saving tips!  My goal is to save you time and money so you can enjoy more quality time with your kids. You can be confident that any reviews you read on Here We Are will be brutally honest; whether I am reporting on a new organic juice that Elle loves or Luci is testing a new mineral based cosmetic.  If we like it, we will tell you, if we hate it, we will warn you. 

So welcome aboard this journey because Here We Are altogether...Won't you join us?

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