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Summer Fun: What's On Your List?

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Remember when you were a kid at this time of year, sitting in the classroom, daydreaming about what the summer would be like when school got out? Why not do that now? Daydream about what the upcoming months could be like for you, allow yourself to remember that excitement and expectation of feeling free and happy. 

Recently, on Instagram, I saw a picture of a friend's son holding up a poster of his list of items he wanted to do over the summer. He had written simple things like "eat watermelon, ride my bike, go fishing, swim." At first, I thought it was cute, but the idea stayed with me.

Last night, I sat down at the table and made my list... I numbered it 1 - 30, and it was surprising how quickly it filled up. At first, I had to think back on what I enjoyed at 10, 11, and so on, but then the list wrote itself. It was a fun, and eye-opening exercise, that made me feel like a kid again; anticipating the upcoming months of sunshine and fresh air. It brought back fond memories and reminded me of the small, but happy, things that still bring me joy. 

I encourage you to do the same and make your list today. I'm publishing this post before the official start of summer because summer for adults kind of begins with June 1 and ends on Sept 30. My list will probably grow since more things are now popping into my mind that I'd like to do, try, and revisit.

This is not about work goals, deadlines, or obligations... It is about you! Things you love, like, enjoy, want to try, have dreamed about doing, think would be fun, and finding big and small pleasures to fill your heart and soul. Take some time today to sit down quietly and write up your list.

Remember how fun it was to sit on the lawn chair and eat an ice-pop, unhurriedly savoring every sweet drop of ice cold flavor. (Yes, that's on my list!) Think about things you've always wanted to experience, these are your grown-up daydreams.

The best part of this exercise is that it can include anything your heart desires. While maybe we can't go to sleep-away camp again, you sure can take a walk at a nature preserve and listen to the sounds of the birds chirping and the breeze rustling the leaves. Then treat yourself to a refreshing glass of iced-tea while you sit and peruse your favorite magazine. Adult summer fun!

This article is categorized under TV, Film, and Pop CultureWatermelon clock vector because I believe that your imagination creates the movie of your life. If you were writing the outline for your summer blockbuster, what would you put in it? Include those on your list! Focus on the things that scream "SUMMER" to you. Write up your summer list, keep it visible, pick something from it to experience every chance you get, and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!! If not now, when?? ~ Luci

PS Share one thing from your list in the comments below. You might give someone else a great idea!