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How To Use A Butter Bell, What It Is, And Why You'll Want One! (Video)

Luci Weston demonstrating the Butter Bell

It's been years since I discovered the Butter Bell. When I first launched Here We Are, I shared that experience with you in the article, Butter... Spread Soft Cheer To Better Butter Up Your Toast & Maybe Your Host (obviously, I was exercising my "catchy title" muscles!). Since then, every time I entertain, someone asks me what it is and how it works. Even people who read the article early on don't realize how easy to use, and helpful, a Butter Bell is in the kitchen.

As one of my favorite kitchen gadgets, the Butter Bell - also known as a Butter Crock and a Butter Keeper - was an easy choice to add to the growing list of better, brighter, easier tips, hints, and how-to ONE BY ONE Videos

A Butter Bell really does save you time in the morning or whenever you reach for the butter. NOTE: As I state in the video, it is important to change the water about every three days to keep the water/butter seal fresh; more often if the weather is warm.

It's also good if you bake, or make butter shapes, because the butter is at room temperature and ready to go when you are ready to mix your recipe. Check out my Cranberry Butter recipe if you like butter... And truly, who doesn't?? Especially when it's soft and creamy! 

You can find all the items I use on the ONE BY ONE Videos in the HWA Amazon Store under their appropriate category. Or check out the links below to treat yourself, or buy for a housewarming or hostess gift. You will be happy you did on cold winter days!!