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How To Use Cored Pineapple Shells As Decorative Serving Bowls, Tip #2 (Video)

How To Use The Cored Pineapple Shell As A Table Decoration, Tip #1 (Video)

Luci Weston demonstrating how to make a Pineapple Shell Flower Vase

In this ONE BY ONE video, you will learn how to repurpose the empty pineapple shells that are naturally beautiful. It seems wasteful to just throw them away after you remove the fruit, so I came up with a few uses for you to try.

This is the first of 3 Tips on how to repurpose the cored shells. It is so simple to do, but looks very pretty on the table. BONUS: This vase isn't breakable!

Not sure what is the easiest way to extract the fruit from a pineapple? Check out my video on how to core a pineapple, AND please be sure to subscribe so you won't miss future tips and hints for living a better, brighter, easier lifestyle!

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