July 2015: Sweet Summertime
How To Clean and Disinfect Your Lipsticks and Lip Brushes (Video)

E.L.F. Studio Lotion Wipes: Soft, Silky, and Sensuously Scented (Video)

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If you read the recent Announcements, Updates, and Reminders article, Sweet Summertime, then you know that I am launching a video series called One By One. While this particular product review video is not officially a One By One, I'm sharing it now since these ELF Lotion Wipes - although terrific all year long - are especially perfect for traveling and summertime use.

For your convenience, I added them to the HWA Amazon Store along with my other favorite items and products that have been reviewed on HWA

NOTE: You may need to adjust your volume up… the audio is playing a bit low. We're fixing this for future videos.


Remember the HWA motto: if I like it, I will tell you, if I don't, I will tell you… I like these lotion wipes!! These handy, conveniently packaged, and fabulously fragranced moisturizing wipes are soft to the touch, offer a silky application to the skin, and are sensuously scented but not overwhelming. You will not be disappointed! Get some for your bag - and a few extra for your friends - they make great gift toppers!! ~ Luci