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July 2012

Last week, a society, a country, a culture, viewed the worst humanity has to offer. In a few terrifying moments, a creature of evil exposed his darkness in the glow of the silver screen, forever marring the lives of those anticipating an exciting, temporary diversion from real life. During a summer tradition, the blockbuster... Read more →

The Here We Are Talk Show presents an interview with Susan Ragazzo, Animal Intuitive and Animal Transition Counselor. In this detailed discussion, Susan expands upon her recent HWA guest post, Animal Communication, to explain what this increasingly popular communication method is all about... If you have ever wished that you could talk to your... Read more →

Article update 2016: Check out my video on how to use this handy gadget To Core A Pineapple. How often do you walk past the fresh pineapple display at the market simply because you don't want to make a mess getting the fruit out of its prickly shell? Once you use a pineapple coring... Read more →