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Chick Flick Chat: "The Descendants"

Chick flick textpic2Listen to Chick Flick Chat, the movie review and discussion show, featuring The Descendants.

"My family feels like an archipelago... All part of the same whole but drifting slowly apart." ~ Matt King; George Clooney's character in The Descendants

This film takes you on a trip! While it's not the Hawaiian vacation of your dreams, it does take you on a journey of love, loss, family ties, emotional and physical crisis, and personal growth. George Clooney, masterfully directed by Alexander Payne, gives a simple, yet deep performance as Matt King, a disconnected father and husband who finds himself sorting through unexpected upheaval while juggling the burdens and benefits of his heritage. 

Joining me for this CFC, is guest co-host, Debbie Woodbury, of the popular website, Where We Go Now. Debbie offers her unique perspective on survivorship as viewed through the lens of this poignantly moving film. We also chat about location shots, casting, how this movie represents dark challenges families often face, shocking surprises, and self-discovery; as well as the female roles, issues of "money," and this film's slant on "time." 

Debbie Woodbury is the founder and editor of Where We Go Now, an inspirational Debbie Woodbury slogan, WhereWeGoNow.com  pic community of survivors celebrating joyous growth after trauma. Debbie's cancer survivorship is just the tip of her iceberg. Before cancer, she survived family and career dysfunction, being laid off, a cheating boyfriend, miscarriages, and infertility. Cancer gave her the label of "survivor," but she's learned that she has been a survivor for some time. Long before she heard the words, "You have cancer," she was someone who "continues to function or prosper in spite of opposition, hardship or setbacks." Debbie is the embodiment of the word "survivor" and her mission is to share the message that you are, too.

BONUS: I got to know Debbie when she appeared as a guest on the Here We Are Talk Show episode, Life Beyond Breast Cancer: Healing The Mind, Body, And Spirit. If you, or someone you know is dealing with Breast Cancer or other challenges, Debbie's advice and experience will be of help; please listen to or share these shows, and visit the Where We Go Now Blog for more information on being an "inspired survivor." Thank you.