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Chick Flick Chat: "The Bachelor" S. 16, "The Women Tell All" and "The FINAL Rose" Episodes

Chick Flick Chat: "The Bachelor" S.16, Episodes 8 and 9

Chick flick textpic2CLICK HERE to Listen to the Chick Flick Chat review and discussion of Episode #8 of ABC-TV's Season 16, "The Bachelor" show.

CLICK HERE to Listen to the CFC review and discussion of Episode #9.

Thank you to everyone who has been listening live, OnDemand, and via iTunes to the CFC recurring series covering this reality television show. As always, we appreciate each and every listener, and reader! As you may know, on each CFC, no matter the featured film or TV show, we debate, dissect, and dish the details of what we see on screen and what it all means. We are in the final chapters of this ongoing "real life" drama and Bachelor Ben Flajnik, with the help of his 25 Bachelorettes, served up quite a lot to chat about throughout this controversial season.

Episode #8: Meet the parents... It's time for the Hometown dates! Ben visits the remaining 4 bachelorettes' homes to get a glimpse of his potential future in-laws. Unfortunately for fan favorite, Kacie B., her folks won't be seeing Ben again. In our chat, we learn a lot more about Ben through this process than we do about the girls!

Episode #9: We're off to Switzerland... and the hot tubs are filled and bubbling! The "Fantasy Suite" cards are handed out to all three, but only two get a rose. There is no big surprise when the final two women are revealed. What is surprising is the way in which the old excuse, "It's me, not you," is cleverly worked into a past and a current kiss-off!

Everything that happens in the show is open for discussion, so join me next week to share your thoughts! Check out our CFC coverage of The Women Tell All on Tuesday, March 6 at 5:30pm EST.