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The World of Las Vegas Dining: Uncovering The Best of Vegas

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Like to dine out when traveling? Then this is the show for you. Find out about this definitive travel guide to the best dining experiences Vegas has to offer. The World of Las Vegas Dining [2016 update: this book link is unavailable at this time, sorry!] is a gorgeous book filled with "facts that translate into experiences" for you to enjoy during your next visit. Even if Las Vegas isn't on your itinerary this year, the hundreds of photos and detailed information will make you feel like you've been on a fabulous trip!

Join me to learn more about how co-author, Laury Bakie, worked for over two years to uncover the "it" places we all want to visit. She also gives us a taste of how she stayed slim while eating 750+ meals, and what it takes to work with a spouse on a big project as they became experts on the glittering world of famous chefs and restaurants in Las Vegas. 

Sure to be the coffee table book of the year, this feast for the eyes will help you decide where to eat when you're in town. Even if you're only dreaming of a vacation in Vegas, foodies, cooks, chefs, and travelers will savor every one of its 280 pages in this winning display of culinary adventure. Bon appetit!