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June 2011

Shades of Chartreuse - Freshly Green Tips Along with the summer breeze, iced tea, and outdoor picnics, comes an unwelcome guest, the dreaded housefly. If you run an anti-chemical, pesticide-free home, you might want to try this easy, natural solution of hanging water filled bags to deflect the approaching fly. Yes, it's very simple.... Read more →

A Recipe Review by Here We Are Is it even possible to bake a great tasting chocolate cupcake without adding eggs? Yes, and I can vouch for this recipe... You won't be disappointed. To do this review, I tested it twice and both batches baked up beautifully in terms of shape, size, moist texture,... Read more →

A Product Review by Here We Are Skin is in... No matter your age, you want your skin to appear supple and smooth. The summer sun, chlorine, sunscreen products, and heat, make keeping your skin hydrated a daily challenge. Burt's Bees After Sun Soother may be the answer. This Aloe and Linden Flower moisturizer... Read more →