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May 2011

A weekend reminder... With all the crazy, heartbreaking events - both man-made and natural - happening around the globe, try to have fun. This doesn't mean to ignore or downplay the tragedies that have spun the world upside down... But do remember how lucky you are and enjoy yourself whenever you can, because things... Read more →

At one time or another, when looking into our clothes closet, we've all exclaimed, "I have nothing to wear!" While this may be true for specific occasions like a wedding at Westminster Abbey, mostly the issue arises because we forget what we own or can't see through the clutter that is also know as... Read more →

A Product Review & HOW-TO by Here We Are Is it possible to put on lipstick once in the morning and have it still look freshly applied that night? Almost! Maybelline's SuperStay 24 Color lip-stain does a very good job of staying in place throughout your busy day with just a bit of upkeep... Read more →