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Chick Flick Chat: "The Switch"

Chick Flick Chat MicCLICK HERE to listen to the episode of Chick Flick Chat featuring the movie, The Switch.

Wow! Talk about the mother of all surprises... This film seems like a simple romantic comedy, but it is filled with many modern day issues women encounter. While the title refers to the bombshell that is The Switch, it only skims the surface in this delightful film, starring Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman.

This CFC covered everything from motherhood, marriage, men, and single-parenthood, to the ticking biological clock and more. Join us as we discuss, dissect, and dish the details this film swimmingly offers up; even the lines, "Life is in session" and "Fate works its magic and you're connected," helped switch this CFC into overdrive. In fact, there was so much to chat about that we went over our usual thirty minutes so we could fit it all in!

{Production Note: We apologize for the music glitch at the beginning and end of the show... We're working to smooth it out for future CFC's.}