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March 2011

Part 9 of the HWA Series, Live Your Life Out Loud Every day is an opportunity to learn life lessons from each other. After watching the news reports about the life and passing of Geraldine Ferraro, a pattern of strength and determination emerged. Regardless of one's political position, as women, we can all learn... Read more →

"Thank You" are two simple words that are quite important to use at any time, but especially in business. There is no excuse for abandoning this MUST DO step in any deserving interaction. If and when you skip this step, you align yourself with the risk of negative connotations. In today's fast paced and... Read more →

Think granola is a bland combo of seeds and nuts? You'll think differently after trying this recipe for an easy, homemade, healthy treat that can be served for breakfast or munched on by the handful. After you mix up this eggless, customizable recipe, you'll never buy another box of mass produced cereal again! ALLERGY... Read more →

Shades of Chartreuse - Freshly Green Tips Good old-fashioned, household table salt, AKA sodium chloride, is the most abundant, inexhaustible, non-metallic mineral in the world. There are thousands of beneficial uses for salt in all of its forms. It's natural, cheap, and doesn't go bad. If you are trying to go green, substituting salt... Read more →