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Chick Flick Chat: The Housewives' Reality Shows, Fact, Fiction, or Foolishness?

Chick Flick Chat Mic CLICK HERE to listen to the Here We Are Radio Show spinoff series, Chick Flick Chat featuring, The Housewives' Reality Shows, Fact, Fiction, or Foolishness?.

Hold on to your remote! Luci and co-host, Susan, shake things up with the first Chick Flick Chat focusing on television shows. Whether it's New York or Beverly Hills, we crisscross the nation chatting about the various "Housewives" show obsession. What's behind the proliferation of TV shows featuring this premise? What does it say about our society?

And how about the women who allow the camera into their lives? How much of what goes on is fact, fiction, or tomfoolery? If so, is the joke on the housewives? Perhaps we're the fools for tuning in.

From friendships, bad behavior, and consequences, to labels, cattiness, and loyalty, we chat about a lot of hot topics in this jam packed show. Listen as we examine this phenomenon along with the dirty dishes - ahem - laundry that these shows reveal; and then let us know what you think.