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September 2009

2017 Update: I've added a One By One video extending the use of this rice cooker beyond couscous, oatmeal, and brown rice to eggs... Yes, eggs! For my tips on cooking these dry goods, and the eggs, check out How To Make Hard Cooked Eggs In A Rice Cooker Using The Steamer Basket. Original... Read more →

Do you really know what you are eating? I am not trying to insult you, but unless you are only eating "whole" foods there is always a chance something unexpected is present. Short of reading every label and understanding each ingredient, you run the risk of consuming ingredients you don't want or need. We... Read more →

CLICK HERE to listen to the latest Here We Are Radio Show episode, "Much To Do About Divorce: Positioning Yourself Before You Ask Or Are Asked." Matrimonial and family law attorney, Judith A. Hartz, filled us in on important steps to take before or after the difficult decision to divorce is made. Have a... Read more →

PP = Preparedness Plan NOTE: Updated article October 2016. The ongoing fires in California sparked this list. While our thoughts and prayers are with those who are in harm's way, it is a good time to think about what each of us would do in that stressful situation. An emergency plan that is put... Read more →

Announcements, Updates & Reminders Announcements Gifts, Gifts, Gifts: Congratulations to the July Gift Giveaway winner, subscriber Emily of Delaware. She won the signed copy of Lisa Scottoline's latest best-seller, Look Again. Thank you to all the Here We Are subscribers who commented during July. So many wonderful books were suggested to add to our... Read more →