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Text Message Abbreviations: Let Your Fingers Do The Talking

Part I: Letters A - M

ABC's Jumbled up in a pile

It seems no matter where you go these days, someone is typing an email message, a Tweet on Twitter, or texting. The new rules of communication dictate that brevity rules and swiftness is key. Whether your conduit of choice is a cell phone, a Blackberry, a laptop, or a desktop keyboard, the message is loud and clear...There is no need to speak when you can be heard via silent acronyms. Here We Are is here to help your fingers do the talking!

Here R the ABC's 4 U ("Caps" in this list are for an easier read -- not shouting @ U -- HF!):

AAK = Alive and kicking

ADN = Any day now

AEAP = As early as possible

AFAIK = As far as I know

AFK = Away from keyboard

AFN = All for now

ASL = Age Sex Location

AYT = Are you there?

B4 = Before

B4N = Bye for now

BBL = Be back later

BCNU = Be seeing you

BF = Boyfriend

BRB = Be right back

BTW = By the way

CU = See you

CYRMA = Call your mother

DEGT = Don't even go there

DIKU = Do I know you?

DIS = Did I say

DK = Don't know

EG = Evil grin

EM = E-mail  //  EM? = Excuse Me?

EOD = End of discussion

F2F = Face to face

FOCL = Falling off chair laughing

FUBAR = F'd up beyond all recognition

FYEO = For your eyes only

GAL = Get a life

GBH = Great big hug

GF = Girlfriend

GGOH = Gotta get outta here

GJ = Good job

GL = Good luck

GMTA = Great minds think alike

GR&D = Grinning Running & Ducking

GTR = Got to run

HAGD = Have a good day

HAGO = Have a good one

HB = Hurry back

HF = Have fun

H&K = Hugs & kisses

HTH = Hope that helps

IB = I'm back

IC = I see

IDK = I don't know

IDTS = I don't think so

ILU = I love you

IMO = In my opinion // IMHO = In my humble opinion

IRL = In real life

IYKWIM = If you know what I mean

JAS = Just a second

JIC = Just in case

JK = Just kidding

JW = Just wondering

KIT = Keep in touch

KPC = Keeping parents clueless

LMAO = Laughing my ass off // LOL = Laughing out loud

LTNS = Long time no see

LY = Love ya

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