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December 2008

As the year winds down, reflection starts to set in. We ponder what might have been done differently, the boundaries we set or not, and the plans we want to implement in the New Year. I offer up a tiny tool with big impact to aid you from adding more to your daily routine.... Read more →

A Message to the Readers of Here We Are... In holiday haste to get things done yesterday, I learned a valuable blog lesson. While I was attempting to improve this site, I ended up causing more problems. After applying my not-so-nifty-HTML-handiwork, you may have discovered that the Feed in your email or reader box... Read more →

If you feel like Chanukah, Christmas, and Kwanzaa are beating the clock and your list of to-do’s is growing, then take a moment and breathe. Breathe deeply, slowly, and with purpose. While there is less than a week to go before the three big holidays arrive one after the other, it is important for... Read more →

Check out the ONE BY ONE Video on How To Use A Butter Bell, What It Is, And Why You'll Want One! Does your butter come out of the fridge looking unappetizing? Are you tired of cold, hard butter that refuses to spread on your nice warm bagel? In many cases, there is no... Read more →

A Post by Staci ~ The Mom Squad For baby Elle's first birthday, her grandparents bought her the Li'l Playzone with Lights & Sounds by One Step Ahead. You can find it at www.onestepahead.com under Travel & Gear, then under Playyards. The cost is $119.95 (plus shipping). It has been well worth the money.... Read more →

What do Angelina Jolie, Kimora Lee Simmons, and Diane Sawyer all have in common at a holiday party? Eyeliner! Yep…look at any picture of them attending a party and you will see with your own two eyes that theirs are lined to perfection. Granted, a makeup artist has done the handiwork, but you can... Read more →

Tired of standing in the children’s section of a bookstore or surfing websites swamped by so many choices? As you look around, colorful covers of cute characters look back at you. Which one to pick? Maybe Emma or John already has it? Hmmm…perhaps a hat and gloves set will do fine instead. Wait weary... Read more →