In this One By One video, Luci shows you how to open a wine bottle the easy and fast way. Watch her technique to keep the cork whole and removed intact using an old-fashioned cork screw. You will never struggle again with a broken or stuck cork! It is always frustrating when the cork breaks off and bits fall into the wine, then... Read more →

Did you miss the first Two Word Tuesday, Ask Questions? Each week, you will find a new #TwoWordTuesday on Here We Are to share, think on, mull over… and hopefully, move and motivate you! Be sure to sign up for free updates to receive this weekly post in your email box (see the Subscription box in the sidebar). Wondering how to Beam Brightly... Read more →

Summer may be over but this lime salad dressing recipe is one you will make throughout the year. Not only is it EASY and FAST to make, you can use this tasty, tangy dressing over a mexican salad, drizzle it on sliced avocado and tomatoes, top a fruit salad, toss it with steamed vegetables, spark up a corn salad, spoon some on grilled... Read more →

In this ONE BY ONE video, Luci shares an easy, tasty drink recipe that can be served in the pineapple shells after you've cored out the fruit. Don't throw away the shells after coring, consider using them instead of traditional drinkware for frozen tropical drinks. Remember to plan ahead so you have enough pineapples for each guest to have their own shell. Since... Read more →

In this ONE BY ONE video, you will learn how to reuse the empty pineapple shells as serving bowls for the extracted fruit. Don't throw away the shells OR the spiky tops after you've cored out the fruit; repurpose them for the table as fruit bowls when you are entertaining. BONUS: By using the shells instead of glass serving dishes, you save clean-up... Read more →

In this ONE BY ONE video, you will learn how to repurpose the empty pineapple shells that are naturally beautiful. It seems wasteful to just throw them away after you remove the fruit, so I came up with a few uses for you to try. This is the first of 3 Tips on how to repurpose the cored shells. It is so simple... Read more →

In this ONE BY ONE video, you will learn how to make a lovely hostess gift for about $20(US)! This floral centerpiece is perfect for bringing along to your next BBQ or house party. Whether the hostess places it on the table, the sidebar, or a serving station, it is ready to go! She won't have to waste time putting flowers in a... Read more →

Okay, so we all know that nobody likes to see cellulite on their body… But it's a fact of life for most women. And while there doesn't seem to be a cure (the inventor of one will be a billionaire!) we can help it along with proper diet and exercise, as well as applying some tightening creams and gels. Those store bought topical... Read more →

If you love pineapple but struggle with getting the fresh, juicy meat out of the shell… Then you need a pineapple corer in your kitchen. This affordable gadget makes easy work of removing the delicious, nutritious meat of this tropical fruit. With a knife, a bowl, and a little elbow grease applied to the coring gadget, you will never buy canned pineapple again!... Read more →