Who or what is the "you" in your "Thank YOU!"? Perhaps it's a neighbor, coworker, spouse, friend, your health, home, your God, the Universe… Whatever or whomever motivates your gratitude, really mean it. Think it, feel it, say it, or write a thank you note! The more you say thank you for the things in your life, the more things in your life... Read more →

According to NBC, this is the official, traditional place setting used on the tables during Prince William of England and Princess Kate's wedding reception. While you may not be entertaining royalty, this table setting chart offers a formal, and very extensive diagram for ALL of the flatware, stemware, dish, and napkin placements that might be used. I think it is a comprehensive guide... Read more →

No matter where you live on this earth, we are all forever touched by the heinous acts that pierced Paris on November 13, 2015, and with it, our hearts. I've been sitting at my desk for a while trying to find the right words for this week's #TwoWordTuesday… The more I search, the simpler the solution seems, Avec Amour, meaning With Love. While... Read more →

This is a very easy, quick recipe to make delicious, homemade cranberry sauce not only for the holidays, but as a side dish or relish any time. It's perfect with turkey, but also revs up roast pork, pork chops, and chicken for the meat eaters; spread it on top of a grilled portobello mushroom for the vegetarians at your table. This whole berry... Read more →

In this ONE BY ONE video, Luci demonstrates how to use silicone covers and why you should… They are terrific! These bowl toppers are perfect to preserve food or prevent frying and microwave splatter. When you watch this product review, you will see just how handy, strong, and eco-friendly these new kitchen lids can be! I love, love, love these, so I'm excited... Read more →

It's getting to be that time of year when the days fly by faster than usual, and there are lists of to-do lists! Or maybe you are going through an emotional upheaval and need to find a moment of peace? Remember to Breathe Deeply throughout the day… Deep, long breaths, shoulders down and back, relax on the exhale. Aaahhhhhh! 🌹🌹🌹 Hope you like... Read more →

Part 21 of the Here We Are Series: Live Your Life Out Loud In the podcast, Loving Yourself (Part 1), I suggested several exercises to get you going on this journey. One of the tips - part of the "collective beauty" analysis and approach - is to set up a vanity table. You can also call it your sacred space, a prayer alter,... Read more →

Hello! It's Tuesday again… Hope you had a great week and did indeed, Kiss Someone. Today's #TwoWordTuesday is Value Resources. More than in other years, it seems this fall season has offered an amazing rainbow of foliage. Nondescript trees have come alive with individuality through the burning oranges, dazzling reds, and shimmering yellows of autumn. Nature is all around us in ways we... Read more →

A while back I posted this homemade pizza recipe on my Instagram page and it received a lot of action. Who doesn't like pizza? Especially when you can make it at home, any way you like, and on the grill! This recipe belongs to my sister-in-law, Lynn, who has been perfecting it for the last few summers. She even makes it during the... Read more →