Part 28 of the Here We Are series, Live Your Life Out Loud Dear Kate, As I write this note to you, the surprise and shock of your recent passing is equal to the sadness I myself, and the world, felt upon learning of your decision. Hearing the news brought back memories of early... Read more →

With all the confusion about the new General Data Protection Regulation as to what needs to be done, I'm reiterating the privacy policy for both Here We Are (HWA), and the e-commerce site, Better Brighter Easier(BBE). As per the Terms of Use for LUCIMAC Productions (the parent company of HWA & BBE) for both... Read more →

Welcome to one of my decor consulting projects! This video takes you through the entire process of a full bathroom renovation... In this long-form video, I guide you from the old and dated "everything beige" before, through the decision making process, to the up-to-date design choices, including things to consider to increase space in... Read more →

Ahhh, February, the traditional month of flowers, hearts, chocolate, and all things love. There are those who like Valentine's Day and all that it brings in the form of sentiment, images, and feelings, and others who see it as a commercial vehicle to sell roses and cards. I'm somewhere in the middle, but what... Read more →

Hello Here We Are readers, we are two weeks into the new year, and I bet you are already swamped with to-do lists, a full work-load, appointments, and the daily grind of this fast-paced life. Time management is simply a series of well-honed skills that when applied consistently will help us approach tasks in... Read more →